Fifa is Two Faced

I feel that FIFA as an association is two faced. They cannot say that they are against discrimination of any sort and still insist on hosting their games in countries that are clearly far from accepting and welcoming gay people. That is sheer hypocrisy.

How does FIFA expect to be respected by the masses with the way in which it is responding to the Qatar and Russian homosexuality controversy? Fifa should not have awarded the world cup to either of the countries because they are clearly not ready to host the world. World Cup events are celebratory occasions that bring the world together and should not in any way make any person feel inferior or ashamed of whom they are.

Qatar and Russia are in no position to be judged as there are still plenty of countries around the world that are far from accepting gay rights and homosexuality. FIFA on the other hand is an international governing body of football and should pose as a positive example and representative for participants and spectators.

Homosexuality is undoubtedly still a sensitive and ambiguous issue all around the world with some countries having accepted it to some extent or not at all, I feel that it only makes sense for a world renowned event like the World Cup to be hosted by a country that is flexible and tolerant to controversial issues such as that of homosexuality. After all every individual in this world has their own individual identity and should not feel threatened to take part in a sport that they are passionate about because of people who might scold or judge them at the respective location. Furthermore, the statement made by the President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter stating that gay people “should refrain from sexual activity” is completely uncalled for and disrespectful to the international gay community, Things such as sexual needs cannot be controlled and I am quite sure that Blatter would not appreciate the same sexual restrictions placed on him.

After all Qatar is a very much Arabic led country and trying to change the way in which its people view issues such as homosexuality will definitely need more than just five years instill.

China Town Malaysia!


Night out with friends in China Town Malaysia. We were headed off to Reggae Bar after having a McDonalds meal. Ready for a good time with some locals and other travelers who are usually back packers!!! Great times indeed

2nd time round is not a mistake but a choice

They say you can only make a mistake once and the 2nd time you do it, it’s not a mistake but a choice. Hmmmm I’d say it depends on the situation. Sometimes no matter how well you lived a certain situation and know the possible outcome you re-live it not by choice but by conditions beyond your own control. I’m living truth. I once went through the worst time with myself and I blamed it all on myself and thought I had learnt a lesson and that I would never take myself through that path ever again. Well guess what? 3 years later I could say those negative feelings I felt back then came back again a few weeks back. I re-lived everything exactly the same way just this time in a completely different scenario. I knew what I had to do to avoid feeling that way but I couldn’t avoid the situation. Or could I? Maybe. I guess it all boils down to self-discipline and self-respect too huh? Well I wouldn’t say I lack any of those but maybe I should re-check myself and really look at how I could have made the same mistake again!!! :( *self introspection in progress*

Red Tie

“History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul” –J. Acton

As the week is about to kick off tomorrow, Wits University welcomes their new and old students to the life of tertiary education. This week is particularly designed to equip first years with the necessary skills and also introduces to them its diverse culture and traditions.
Wits school of Arts will be showcasing various plays during this famous week. Red Tie directed by Bulelwa Ndaba;  who is a dramatic arts honours student at the school of arts will have her performance piece shown between the 4th and 8th of February. Red Tie is a short and emotional piece that takes one through the challenges that are probably faced by every human being at some point in their life. The music and atmosphere created in the space predetermines the aura and pace of the story. This piece takes one through memories of the past, battles and struggles with feelings and emotions. It depicts a notion of fused personalities that all exist in one heart.
It is not ever easy to accept change and the possibilities of a better self thereafter. People tend to go in circles with the fear of grasping independence and self-reliance, hoping the other might fill the empty holes that might exist in your heart. Red Tie demonstrates the struggles of picking oneself up and forgetting about what is nothing but just a memory of life and how one can and should fight to fill their own hearts up without the other.
Red Tie takes the audience through an adventure of transformation, confrontation, individual freedom, role power and the strength of resisting temptation. This piece definitely manages to relate with every heart. In the end it challenges the viewer by asking neglected and oblivion questions that have probably been unmindful to the individual. Red Tie reminds us that one can fight the pain until it is gone.
“Red Tie is a performance piece that aims not to provide solutions and questions; rather to blatantly challenge the comforting stillness that lies within ones misery.” -B. Ndaba
If profound is what you looking for; then Red Tie is indeed a must see!

She’s only 16…Give her a chance…

She’s only 16…

She’s still lost and tryna find her way in this crazy journey of life

Give her a chance

She might fumble and stumble but from all of that she will learn her own way

You can tell her and teach her but the final choice lies in her heart, soul and mind

so why not Give her a chance?

Allow her to fall, to break to mend, to heal, to teach and be taught

so that she may understand the way she knows how.

Weather or not. 702 Solid Gold is where its at!

The weather started off on a rather low key on Saturday 18 August at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, where the 702 Solid Gold concert in the park was held. One might have thought that people would not show up with how grey the day was looking outside but no, not Jo burgers!

The positive atmosphere gave the sun no choice but to show face, what seemed as if it were to be a cold day turned out to be a vibrant , sunny and fun day filled with good spirits of joy, laughter and exhilaration.

People came in numbers to be entertained by the fantastic line up of legendary artists who kept the crowd entertained throughout the day. From the likes of Mr Sipho ‘Hotsicks’ Mabuza with Steve Kekana performing the famous Burnout which had the entire crowd on their feet and singing along to the hit song. Miss PJ Powers AKA ‘Thandeka’  and Hotline took the oldies back to their Jabulani Soweto days back in the 70’s, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Mango Groove, Steve Kekana,  Clint and Co., Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels were among the talented artist who made this day an amazing one.

Sisters, husbands, wives, daughters and brother. Everyone was out to enjoy!!

The day was one worth experiencing and being a part of  as it brought, families, friends, lovers, neighbours and colleagues together to be be out in the ordinary and enjoy good music. Even local joggers, passer bys and cyclers made a stop to be entertained but the great entertainment. It was a day for everyone and definitely must have achieved its purpose. As Mr. Treasure Tshabalala said at the closing of the concert, ” thank you for respecting the weather because the weather respected you in return”

I am woman

I am woman

I have my flaws, I go through emotional roller coasters all the time.

I love, I hurt, I laugh, I cry yet I still rise above

I am woman

I am in no way defined by my hair or the colour of my skin

the definition of me is my authenticity, my identity, my true being, my essence

The smile I wear everyday tells many lies, lies that that are true to me, lies that are reality to me

yet I keep smiling because…

I am woman

every step I take is an opportunity to be better,

I strive for greatness

I strive to be the woman who made it not because of advantage but because of perseverance

I am the woman that stands up and dusts herself off through the toughest of times

I am the woman that conquers all after being judged and told she ‘could not’

I am woman…

I am a feminist and love the shoes I am in because amongst all the hurdles I come across in my life,

Still I rise…because,

I am woman…